Gathering of the Troop on the first day of camp.

Figuring out merit badge schedules.

Scheduling of merit badges.

Tippy sewing his patches on his new scout shirt.

Building a fire.

Sitting around the fire.

Chris building a fire.

J.T. preparing to go swimming.

The fire that Chris built.

J.T. (front) and John walking through camp.

Our tents.

Gathering around the fire.

Chris sitting in front of his tent.

Cooking hot dogs around the fire.

Chopping fire wood.

Dan chopping fire wood.

Cleaning up the campsite for family night.

Washing the tables for Wednesday night family night.

Lined up to go to the Wednesday night camp fire.

Wednesday night camp fire.


Mitch the camp program director.

The troop doing their skit for the camp fire.

Two of our special needs guests for the week. Gerry (left) and Steve (right).

Another of our special needs scouts, Todd (blue shorts).

Gerry and Steve again.

Tippy (green shirt) doing the first leg of the Aquaqade with the help of Dan (brown shirt).

Tippy running in the first event of the Aquaqade.

Patrick and Greg in the third event of the Aquaqade.

Patrick and Greg in the Aquaqade.

Patrick and Greg (far canoe) climbing back in.

Dan running the final leg of Aquaqade.

Mike C. pitching in the troop baseball game.

Vijay up to bat.

Kevin W. up to bat.

Jason J. watching the game.

One of the teams.

Honor guard for the last flag lowering of the week at Leopold campsite.

Troop court of honor on last day of camp.

Drew getting his merit badges.

Mike C. being presented with his merit badges.

J.T. receiving the merit badges he earned.

Mike D. being awarded his merit badges and rank advancement.

Sean getting his badges.

Vijay being presented his merit badges.

Danny getting his badges and his rank advancement.

Jeff getting his badges and rank advancement.

Matt getting his badges.

Patrick receiving his merit badges for the week.

Kevin getting his badges.

Todd (left), John (middle), Bruce (right), and Gerry (not shown) getting their camp patches.

Todd looking at his camp patch.

The Natami scouts.

Dan was awarded the the troop's Scout Spirit Award after his performance in the Aquaqade where he ran to Rt. 322 and back.

Vijay getting the Troop MVP award.

Tippy handing out the troop awards.

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